Helpful Advice for Hosting a Webinar

Conducting a successful webinar requires preparation and organization. Knowing exactly what you are going to say and how you are going to say it determines whether you get your message across effectively or not. Stay calm, relaxed and focused when collaborating in an online meeting or event. Remaining composed in the webinar is key for the host. Hosts need to make sure they have all of their thoughts put together and prepared in a way that can be presented fluidly and professionally.

Here are three tips that will ensure your online event is performed properly:

1.    Stay Calm and Composed

Feeling nervous is the last feeling you want to have when hosting a webinar. It’s important to stay as calm and relaxed as possible. Remember, the purpose of most webinars is to get participants to engage in the information you are presenting. Whether you are actually trying to sell something or just selling them an idea, you want to be straightforward and efficient. Give them a small taste of what you have to offer and leave them wanting more.

2.    Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Never rush through a webinar. The slower you talk, the more authoritative you sound. Also, don’t rush or talk over those that are collaborating with you virtually. Keeping your thoughts organized will significantly help the success of your webinar. You do not want to constantly jump around from different points without resolving them first. Staying on topic and taking one idea at a time will ultimately help you and your colleagues experience simply better meetings.

3.    Follow-Up

Keep in mind that the best online meeting presentations are highly engaging and leave a lasting impression on meeting guests. How do you know this happens? Ask the attendees. After the webinar, send a survey to gather their thoughts on the webinar. Once you have received their feedback, take into consideration the things your audience enjoyed and disliked. Their feedback will help dictate how to host any future webinars. Pay particular attention to the responses relating to the presentation, as that makes up the core of the webinar.

A follow-up email also presents a great opportunity to remind participants of the topics that were discussed and any key takeaway that you don’t want them to forget.

Both organization and preparation are essential in directing a quality webinar. Once you learn how to effectively host an online event, you will quickly begin to realize all the various benefits.


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