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PGi’s Latest White Paper is Your Definitive Guide to Modern Audio Conferencing

Nothing is more important to collaboration than consistent, high-quality audio conferencing connections that you can always rely on. We have a saying around here at PGi: the spoken word is the foundation of collaboration. In spite of all of the advances in modern collaboration tools – features like white-boarding, screen sharing, video meetings and more – audio is still ultimately what brings us all together and makes meetings possible. Without it, collaboration simply cannot happen.

We understand better than anyone the challenges inherent in modern audio conferencing because we’ve been innovating in the space for over twenty years. We’ve seen how a call that used to simply involve connecting one landline to another now incorporates smartphones, tablets, VoIP audio from laptops and desktops, international participants and more—all in a seamless audio conferencing experience. We’ve seen how technology and user trends like BYOD, unified communications and hybrid audio platforms have shaped the audio conferencing needs of businesses looking for a competitive and collaborative advantage.

Modern audio conferencing is complex to understand and challenging to deliver. That’s why we put together our latest white paper: The Evolution of Audio Conferencing.

Download it for free today for business and network insights such as:

  • How audio infrastructures, end points and access methods have changed over time, adding complexity to every single audio conference;
  • How business needs and user expectations have shaped the evolution of audio technology; and
  • How PGi utilized more than two decades of audio innovation and experience to create an audio platform to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes, all over the world.


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