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Mission: #TakeBack60, Capture Lost Time in the Workday

We’re continuing our mission this summer to help employees everywhere #TakeBack60 minutes. Your assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to subscribe to our blog posts and try at least one workday productivity tip a week.

Mission Background

In the age of the Internet of Things and mobile online meetings, it seems there’s no longer a separation between a business day and personal time. There’s just your time, and how you allocate it matters more than ever.

In our survey on the 40-hour work week, we discovered that the workplace of the future is shifting beyond traditional work hours. About 88 percent of our respondents claimed to work beyond 40 hours each week. In fact, 21 percent of respondents work beyond 50 hours each week.

The survey also revealed the correlation between increased productivity and decreased annual work hours, which means that the most successful employees work smarter, not longer. Just because we can connect to our work at all hours of the day doesn’t mean we’re getting ahead, and in order to best use these tools to our advantage, we must always think about productivity.

Your Productivity Tools to #TakeBack60

In case you missed them, here are five of our favorite work productivity tips and tools to aid you on your mission for shorter, more productive work weeks:

  1. Organizational systems: Bring back the to-do list (or revise your current one). Productivity hacks like separating your to-do list into buckets, keeping a “done” list, using VIP email apps  and setting reminders for breaks can all add up to #TakeBack60 minutes in your day. Consider this time you put into creating effective organizational systems an investment in both your career and your work-life balance.
  2. Online meetings: Switch to online meetings, or reevaluate your web conferencing tools. Every time you wait on attendees, commute in rush hour or search for dial-in numbers and buttons is time wasted. Consider going virtual with the right tools so everyone can stay on track and minimize disruptions in the workday.
  3. Flex work: Don’t discount flex work for productivity. Statistics show that this employee perk motivates and raises productivity levels.
  4. Team building: When summer beckons employees away from the office, and you can’t afford to slow down, get everyone together for team building. Cater team meetings and win over your employees’ through their stomach. Pander to their inner do-gooder by rallying for a charity together. Make team building exciting and memorable.
  5. The coworking space: If you love taking a break from the office, but can’t be productive at home, find a coworking space. These unique work space configurations are designed for group work, quiet study, online meetings – whatever your task for the day might be. As a bonus, coworking spaces also eliminate long commutes and make it easy to fit networking into your schedule.

Your 60-Minute Motivation

Our survey also asked respondents, “What would you do with more time in the day?” Employees revealed that they would use that time for everything from cooking and cleaning to watching movies and relaxing.

Here are some of the other top responses to keep you inspired and motivated on your mission to #TakeBack60:

About 17 percent of workers would spend more time with friends – even the furry ones.

Roughly 31 percent of respondents would use 60 minutes to pursue passions and hobbies.

About 64 percent of workers want to be more active with 60 extra minutes. Cannonballs count, right?

Our senior communications manager, Cora Rodenbusch, would use that extra 60 minutes for family time. About 64 percent of employees in our survey agree.

Before you begin, equip yourself with our free calendar app. Download Agenday at the App Store or on Google Play for easy scheduling so you can really be the master of your workday.

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