#TakeBack60 with Summer Work Hours

Recently, PGi conducted a #TakeBack60 survey. The results were eye opening. Most of us work well over 40 hours a week . We’re always searching for ways to boost productivity so we can get some extra time in our day to to do other things. This becomes even more evident during the warm, summer months.

Summertime is a great time to hang out by the pool, spend time with your children and go on vacations to far away places. Unfortunately, you’re probably stuck in the office. Every summer, companies are tasked with finding ways to keep their employees engaged and focused instead of daydreaming in meetings.

In order to combat the summer doldrums and keep employees engaged in their work, many companies are beginning to offer flexible work arrangements, such as summer hours. Summer hours are able to enhance work-life balance, improve employee morale and still give employees the opportunity to enjoy their summer.

What are summer hours?

Generally, employees are expected to work for a few extra hours throughout the week. In return, they are allowed to work from home one day a week, work half a day on Fridays or take a Friday off every other week. Schedules vary by company.

Do summer work hours actually increase productivity?

Sixty-six percent of those who work for companies with summer schedules said yes, according to a survey by Opinion Research Corporation for AOC Marketing Research.

Summer hours give people the opportunity to get out of the office and spend more time with family. As a result of having longer weekends and flexible schedules, employees take fewer vacations which results in higher productivity levels.

In a time where many companies cannot afford to offer raises or bonuses, flexible schedules during the summer time can act as an employee perk. It can also serve as an incentive when attracting potential job seekers.

Summer hours are greatly appreciated by employees and gives them a sense of freedom during the summer months.


Are you a workaholic? Take our quiz and find out your particular work style. This summer, I want to challenge you to improve your work-life balance so you can have an extra 60 minutes to do what you want.

When I’m not working, I like to spend time with my 4-year-old German Shepherd/Lab mix. He has a lot of energy and I like to get him outside as much as possible. His favorite summertime activity is swimming in the pool.

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