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#TakeBack60: What Would You Do With More Time in the Day?

What would you do with 60 minutes of more time in the day? In our campaign to #TakeBack60, we asked hundreds of real workers, in our increasingly longer work weeks, what they would do with an extra hour.

Here are the top 11 responses from our survey on the 40-hour week to the question, “If you had 60 minutes of additional free time during your day, what would you do?”

1. Go back to school. A studious 10 percent of employees want to go back to school for that next degree or certification that will earn them promotions and raises at the office. With an extra hour each day, that online or evening class you’ve been considering really does become doable.

2. Cook.  Sometimes, life just needs a little more spice. Approximately 10 percent of employees want to pick up a cutting board and spatula to whip up magic in the kitchen, whether it’s for a healthier diet, more adventurous eating or a homemade meal for the kids.

3. Enjoy more media time. About 13 percent of workers want that extra time to catch the next episode of “Orange Is the New Black” on Netflix, to score on FIFA 14 or to watch “Lucy” in movie theaters.

4. Spend time with friends. Instead of taking work home, about 17 percent of workers want that extra hour to meet friends for happy hour.

5. Take a nap/relax. About 18 percent of workers wish for a little more snooze time to dream and more downtime to, well, do nothing! After all, as Elizabeth Gilbert learned, it’s dolce far niente that makes life so sweet.

6. Run an errand. Believe it or not, about 22 percent of employees want more time to do the grocery shopping, find the perfect gifts, pick up the dry cleaning, and take the kids to soccer practice. In our jam-packed schedules and fast-paced lives, we all need more time to get it all done.

7. Learn or improve skill(s). No one should ever stop learning, and about 23 percent of workers would love an extra 60 minutes to do just that. Think of the successful, multi-faceted person you could become with another hour to learn photography, improve your presentation skills, learn Spanish, or pick up coding.

8. Do household chores. Almost 25 percent of respondents would devote that extra 60 minutes to cleaning up the kitchen, organizing the closet, clearing the clutter, and finishing the laundry.

9. Pursue a hobby. Roughly 31 percent of those surveyed would use an extra 60 minutes for marathon training, reading, gardening, and other pursuits that make life so full.

10. Exercise. Personal trainers and gyms everywhere will love to know that about 64 percent of workers really do want to get in shape (despite complaints and excuses).

11. Spend time with family. Not surprisingly, a whopping 64 percent of employees just want a little more time with their loved ones.

Despite the trend in longer work weeks, you can gain an extra 60 minutes in your work week for family time, exercise and hobbies. All you need are the right tools to work smarter, not harder. To quote philosopher Lao Tzu, “Time is a created thing. To say ‘I don’t have time’ is to say ‘I don’t want to.’”

Ready to #TakeBack60 in your work week? Tell us how you’d spend an extra 60 minutes on Twitter using the hashtag #TakeBack60, and download our time-saving Agenday app today at the App Store or on Google Play.

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Ashley Speagle is a Florida-born, Georgia-raised communications specialist, couch movie critic, dream interpreter, acrophobic adventure seeker, outdoors enthusiast, and easy-going introvert.

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