Winding Down the Work Week

The lines have blurred between work hours and personal time. In our newest infographic, Winding Down the Work Week, explore the changes in businesses around the world as the 40-hour work week continues its shift toward the workplace of the future.


Work emails, schedules and documents are accessible (even editable) on mobile devices, bringing the workplace to anywhere with an Internet connection. But does working more hours mean more productivity? According to data by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and The Economist, it means exactly the opposite.

For those of us on the 40-hour work week schedule, here are some tips to help your productivity levels stay ahead of the curve.

1. Be ruthless about prioritizing tasks.

Focus first on items and tasks that make or break your business. Not all tasks are created equal, so use a to-do list to prioritize the items with the greatest urgency or the ones most impactful to reaching your business goals.

2. Don’t start anything without a plan.

The biggest time-waster is redoing a task that wasn’t done correctly in the first place. Creating a strategy at the forefront will make execution more efficient, thus boosting productivity and, ultimately, the overall success of the project.

3. Be realistic about the gains you can really make.

Dream big and have goals, but temper your long-term goals with short-term realism. With too much on your plate, the risks of making mistakes rise exponentially, and those mistakes can negatively impact our productivity.

4. Invest in help.

Trying to do everything yourself is another way of ignoring priorities, which results in negative productivity. Get the help you need and train people to do the job as it should be done.

5. Carve out and protect personal time.

Schedule personal time to keep yourself healthy, maintain important relationships outside of work and follow passions that aren’t related to your job.

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