4 Things You Should do Before You Complete Your Summer Internship

Summer internships are great opportunities for college students to gain experience and a better understanding of what kind of job they prefer when they graduate.

Is your summer internship coming to a close?  Don’t say your goodbyes just yet.  Here are four things that are necessary to do before you head off to school and switch back to study mode:

1. Say thank you

Make sure to personally thank everyone you worked with during your internship.  Tell them how much you appreciated the experience and the opportunity to help with various projects.  You should thank them in person prior to leaving, as well as follow up with an email or handwritten letter.

2.  Get feedback

It is important to sit down with your boss and ask for his or her feedback on your performance throughout the internship.  Ask about your strong areas as well as areas you need to work on.  This feedback is crucial to your improvement in the long run.

3. Update your resume

A lot of people put off adding information to their resume until months after an internship ends.  As a result, these individuals forget significant details about their experience that would look impressive to future employers.  Don’t be lazy.  During the last week of your internship, write down everything you did during your internship, and update your resume right away.

4. Stay in touch

The relationships and connections you build during an internship will greatly benefit you in the future. Keep the lines of communication open by having your co-workers’ email addresses and contact information handy.  LinkedIn is another great way to stay in touch and remain connected.  They will be able to see what you are up to and vice-versa.

These tips will help you get the most out of your experience as an intern.  By checking off this to-do list before you leave, you’ll wrap up your summer internship on a positive note.


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