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What to Do After Your Big Web Event

A good webinar may seem like it’s all about the planning and execution, but what you do after your big web event matters just as much, too. Whether you’re generating leads, educating employees or building fans, the following steps can help you continue engagement and gain valuable information to achieve your goals.

Immediately after your webinar, extend your gratitude to both attendees and registrants that missed your web event, ask for feedback and continue the discussion.

  • Thank You Emails: Thank everyone for their time participating in your event, including attendees, speakers and partners. Don’t forget to include those that missed out on the live event, too. Send the link to the webinar recording and any accompanying files as soon as possible so they can immediately access the content. You can also include links to any related content, future webinars and social communities.
  • Post-Event Surveys: Post-event surveys can help you gauge performance, assess lead quality, generate future content topics and ask questions to drive higher attendance next time (like what time of day your audience would prefer to attend). You can also use the post-event survey to request testimonials, which can help bolster registration for future web events. Send these soon while the web event is still fresh in attendees’ minds.
  • Post-Webinar Discussions: If you created a hashtag for your web event, continue using it immediately to keep the conversation going. Reiterate your gratitude, remind your audience to complete the post-event survey, answer additional questions and continue nurturing your leads. The more time you let pass after the webinar before picking up the conversation, the less likely the audience is to participate.

Within days, try to make multiple points of contact with everyone.

  • The Webinar Recording: In addition to your thank you email, make a place for the webinar recording on the company intranet or on your brand’s YouTube channel. Remember to update all of your channels with your new webinar content so you can open up your on-demand content to an extended audience.
  • Customized Follow-ups: Segment your attendees to create more customized follow-ups, in addition to your thank you email and post-event survey. For instance, you may want to reach out to nurture the leads and fans that engaged and tweeted the most. You may also want to reach out to those with the most questions either individually or through a post-event video for unanswered questions.

Over the next weeks, you can repurpose the web event, farm your web event for new content and use metrics to make improvements.

  • Plan out Repurposing: Using the polls, surveys, notes, chats, tweets and other feedback, look for themes and topics that could be expanded on your blog. Identify poignant quotes that resonated to post on Twitter. Chop up your web event into short, three-minute segments for other applications. Post your slide show to a platform like SlideShare. By taking advantage of repurposing, you can actually extend the value of your webinar far beyond the web event itself.
  • Mine for Future Webinars: Comb through audience feedback for new content ideas and future webinars. Keep this step in mind before the event as you plan out question-and-answer sessions, and you can ask the right questions to identify what your audience is most interested in seeing next.
  • Face the Flaws: Another smart use of audience engagement and feedback is to assess what didn’t work. Between your hosts, content, presentation format and technical issues, a lot can go wrong. Share webinar metrics like registrants, attendees, drop-off rates and interactions with your team so you can brainstorm how to get it right next time.

Executing a complex, live web event certainly warrants celebration, but don’t delay in leveraging opportunities to further connect with your audience and extend the value of your webinar content.

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