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The Modern Retreat: Meet Your Virtual Team on Workation

The dreaded workation crams work into employees’ personal time off, but there’s another version of the workation that can be energizing and productive for the entire business: the company-planned workation.

The traditional company workation (a.k.a. the corporate retreat) brings to mind team-building activities in the woods and executives talking strategy on the golf course, but the latest work trends in workations include the whole team and happen at exquisite resorts, rugged adventures and unconventional hideaways.

No longer just a perk for long-standing corporations, workations increasingly act as a pillar for company culture at fledgling startups and existing SMBs. Team workations can also produce substantial ROI for virtual teams that typically meet via video conferencing, providing valuable face time and relationship building for remote teams and teleworkers.

Conventionally, companies plan retreats around projects that require more collaboration time than the average online meeting, like strategy and product launches. However, modern workations go beyond core business tasks to aid in productivity, innovation, creativity and old-fashioned fun for employee retention (especially in light of Millennials’ expectations).

To really make the most of a workation, though, companies need to think outside of the box to customize a getaway that satisfies their unique goals, budget and culture – even if it’s for as little as a day. Click through our SlideShare presentation below for modern workation ideas that bend the rules and go beyond cabins and campfires.

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