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PGi Shares Collaboration Implementation Expertise at Gartner Catalyst

Some of IT’s biggest challenges now include mobility, cloud and big data, all of which were addressed with breakthrough solutions at the Gartner Catalyst Conference in San Diego. During “Architecting the Digital Business: Scaling and Securing Cloud, Mobility and Data,” Gartner’s analyst community explained how IT can keep up with big data and secure businesses amidst mobility and cloud computing.

PGi joined this must-attend event as a Platinum Sponsor, and PGi’s own Barbara Bacigalupi, Director, NA SaaS Sales Engineering, gave a presentation on the challenges of collaboration implementation for IT. More than 100 attendees listened in on Bacigalupi’s presentation on “Why Collaboration Implementation is Harder than You Think.”

After the presentation, Bacigalupi answered audience questions with Atlanta experts via iMeet. For those who couldn’t make the powerful presentation, highlights include:

  • According to research, only 14 percent of executives can say their software installations are very successful. In order to amend this problem, Bacigalupi said enterprises need to better understand their customers and user environments and to more frequently communicate.
  • When businesses implement new collaboration programs, often IT makes the bulk of decisions, not the business owners or users. Instead, teams must collaborate on collaboration and use the right people for pilot programs.
  • A whopping 52 percent of information workers use three or more devices at work, including mobile in the morning, a PC during the day and a tablet at night. This reaffirms the importance of understanding user environment for successful software installations.
  • In addition, teams need to understand the technical environment. Does IT have the time and budget to develop and test deployment strategies?
  • Perhaps one of the most overlooked steps in implementation is ensuring a return on investment. Bacigalupi said companies need post-implementation reporting, business reviews and ongoing campaigns to get more bang for their buck. The SaaS model requires such steps to ensure adoption.
  • PGi’s six-step process and team of experts have cemented the company’s reputation as implementation experts. In the last five years alone, PGi has connected nearly one billion people with high satisfaction.

PGi thanks everyone for visiting the booth and joining the presentation, as well as Gartner for the opportunity to be a part of this cutting-edge event!

For those that missed the Catalyst Conference, or those that met PGi’s experts and want more information, go online now to schedule a custom collaboration consultation for your enterprise needs.

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