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Smarter Questions to Ask Before Buying Web Conferencing

There may be no such thing as a stupid question, but you can certainly ask smarter questions before buying web conferencing tools.

Consider the consequences of buying web conferencing software that doesn’t meet your company’s expectations. Meetings run late because of complicated processes to join, clients get frustrated with poor audio and video quality, and employees have difficulty conducting meetings because of a complex interface. In the end, a bad buy can cost you time and money if you have to restart with another software solution.

If you really want to be the company hero, make a list of specific questions that better match your company’s needs prior to committing to that big purchase.

“How’s your audio quality?” “Do you outsource audio to third-party vendors?”

When audio is outsourced to third-party vendors, quality and consistency are often sacrificed, and many web conferencing providers use this process. Asking this question may give you a better assessment of what the audio quality will be like instead of the canned answer you may receive otherwise.

After all, the last thing you need during your big presentation or meeting is a dropped call.

“Can I web conference internationally?” “Do you offer localized software and local dial-in numbers?”

In order to really expand your company’s global reach, you’ll need web conferencing that makes it easy to communicate around the world. Ask about localized software, native language support, local dial-in numbers, and audio bridges. Look for these key features that help make international web conferencing simple and secure from any location.

 “Do you offer customer support?” “Do you offer multiple avenues of support?”

No matter how smart and intuitive a web conferencing tool may be, you’re bound to run into an error or need some troubleshooting advice at some point. Instead of asking if customer support is available, ask how many ways you can contact an expert for support.

When you’re running an online meeting, you may want phone support. If you’re on your tablet, you may want real-time chat. You may even want to post a question from your smartphone through email or in an online customer forum. In this era of the Internet of Things, you want your customer support experience to be as flexible and adaptive as your interconnected life.

A little planning and research can empower you to ask the right questions and nail down the perfect web conferencing solution for your business. For more tips on purchasing web conferencing tools, download The Buyer’s Guide to Web Conferencing today.

Of course, one of the best ways to learn about a web conferencing tool is by trying it. Sign up online to try GlobalMeet® by PGi free for 30 days.


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