How to Squeeze the Most Out of the Rest of Your Summer Vacation

Are you trying to squeeze in one last getaway before summer officially comes to a close? About 82 percent of workers check in with the office daily while on vacation, creating what we call a workation—a blending of work and vacation. Although it might not seem like the ideal scenario, you can successfully enjoy your vacation while stayin­g connected to the office by incorporating these 4 tips into your daily routine.

1) Bring your devices
More than likely, you’re planning on bringing your smartphone or tablet with you so you can snap vacation photos for Instagram and Facebook. Make these devices serve a dual purpose. In between listening to Pandora and applying Instagram filters, you can use the same device to check emails or even join a quick online meeting.

2) Don’t forget your chargers
Don’t let a dead battery ruin work and play. Make sure you have the chargers for all of your devices. You may even want to invest in an extended battery so you don’t have to stay near an outlet.

3) Protective cases
No one wants to tote around a heavy, bulky laptop case while on vacation. Just make sure your smartphones or tablets are kept safe and secure by a heavy duty case and screen protector. This way you can toss your devices into a beach bag without worrying about cracking a screen.

4) Cloud storage apps
Don’t even thing about lugging around excessive amounts of paper and file folders. Work from the cloud. Apps like Dropbox, Google Drive and even iMeet® and GlobalMeet® allow you to store files securely in the cloud. Not to mention you can easily access them from any of your devices.

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Originally from Florida, Lorna moved to Atlanta to join the PGi team. In between trying to get used to Atlanta traffic and the crazy weather, she spends her free time playing with her dog, Mylo. Lorna enjoys writing about online collaboration tools and meeting tips.

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