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The 5 Worst Things About Meetings

We all know we need to meet to collaborate, but many teams still don’t know how to effectively hold a meeting. Comfortable staying in the box and oblivious to the cumulative damage, many hosts continue to hold the same meeting, unaware of the costs to productivity at work.

One of the leading causes of bad meetings is planning around presentations, not people, but by considering your attendees’ experience, you can design a better meeting. Here are the five worst things about meetings from the minds of your meeting attendees:

#1 Uncomfortable Meeting Rooms

You file in last, and the only seat left is in the middle – which means your behind slides by everyone’s face.

You’re already sweating – not only from the high temperature setting but also because today you tried natural deodorant.

In the overfilled, tiny meeting room meant to accommodate 10, you realize you may have a teensy bit of claustrophobia.

#2 Meetings That Start Late

Your unprepared meeting host cannot get PowerPoint working.

About 15 minutes tick by as two of your managers try to help.

Now, the entire room waits on the IT guy to stop what he’s doing and get there to fix the flub.

#3 Presentations That Bore

Finally, the first PowerPoint slide displays.

But after all the waiting, you realize how little you now care.

Instead, you constructively use this time to consider your lunch order.

And how you need to finally splurge on that Italian getaway.

Suddenly, you wake up and realize you’re on the last slide of the presentation.

#4 Mind-Numbing Q&A Sessions

During the Q&A, your coworker asks a question that was just answered.

Another colleague asks the same question two minutes later.

You’re so close to the end, but another question sparks a lengthy dialogue, which happens to apply to only three people in the room.

#5 Meetings That Run Late

The meeting now runs into lunch, and your stomach growls so loudly you’re sure it just registered on the Richter Scale.

45 minutes over the end time you have an epiphany, and you promise yourself if you ever get out of here you’ll enjoy the little things.

Finally the meeting madness ends, and, learning nothing new, you take your first steps out and breathe in the smell of freedom.

One of the worse things about meetings: much like “Groundhog Day,” everyone repeats the same mistakes at the next one.

Horrible meetings supply great fodder for sitcoms and flicks, but they’re holding your productivity hostage. Free yourself and your company from bad meetings by rethinking the business meeting.

Engaging presentations, unconventional meeting methods, smarter scheduling and tools like web conferencing can help your team get more out of daily meetings. Follow our conversation on Twitter to learn more about holding meetings that matter.

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