Missed the Webcast? Watch PGi’s Karrie Andes and Rejuvenate Your HR Benefits

In case you missed it, last week PGi HR professional Karrie Andes presented a webcast entitled “Boring Benefits? Rejuvenate the Way You Communicate!” In her webcast, Karrie shared her expertise on creating an engaging benefits program that reaches and educates your entire organization.

Watch the webcast above and learn:

What do the Marketing Pros know?
Marketing professionals utilize a wide range of strategies and tactics to communicate their brand’s messaging, products and services. How can HR use Marketing best practices to reach internal associates with the same level of fun and engaging content that’s used to advertise to external customers?

How to create a plan, tailor the message and have fun!
Learn how Karrie sets realistic goals for PGi’s benefits enrollment, tailors her message through a variety of communication channels and brings a little bit of fun to the “boring” world of benefits.

Enrollment Communication: Traditional & Modern
Learn how combining traditional benefits communications such as direct mail and modern techniques like text messages and email can maximize the impact of your benefits messaging.

Webinars, Virtual Rooms and Social Media
Web conferencing tools like GlobalMeet® and iMeet® and internal tools like corporate intranets gives HR the flexibility to produce and share interactive benefits webinars and other important HR functions like new employee on-boarding and training.

Virtual Wellness & Benefit Fairs
Conducting virtual wellness, benefits and health fairs are a fantastic way for HR to bridge geographical gaps in a distributed organization and bring employees together to share information without them even having to leave their desks.

Increasing Enrollment
Finally, learn how to bring all of Karrie’s benefits best practices together to reach your HR department’s goals and increase enrollment across your organization.

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