Your Workation Packing List

With everyone’s busy schedules, working men and women can no longer simply drop everything while on vacation with family and friends.  The work follows you no matter where you go, changing the vacation into a “workation”.

A workation may seem stressful or overwhelming, but these tools, tech and tips will allow you to keep up with your work life and still have time to relax on the beach.

1. Smartphone, Tablet or Laptop (or all three!)

40% of workation-ers rely on smartphones to stay connected, followed by 11% on laptops and 4% on tablets.

2. Set boundaries

Set aside dedicated time each day to get your work done, such as first thing in the morning or during the afternoon lull.

3. Manage expectations

Communicate your plans ahead of time and craft your out-of-office message to let everyone know you’ll be checking in and working, but not consistently or immediately.

4. Web conferencing apps

Intuitive web conferencing tools like iMeet and GlobalMeet let you meet face-to-face over high-definition video anytime, anywhere and on any device.

5. Protective cases

Make sure you’ve got your smartphones and tablets protected with a case, screen protector or both.  Nothing ruins a trip faster than a cracked screen or a busted device.

6. Chargers and extended batteries

Make sure you’ve got all your chargers and extended batteries, so you have plenty of battery life to check in with work and Instagram your feet in the sand.

7. Wi-Fi

Spotty or nonexistent Internet access will ruin your workation in a hurry.  Before you leave, investigate the Wi-Fi situation where you’re staying.

8. Cloud storage apps

Reduce travel clutter by working from the cloud.  Apps like Dropbox, Google Drive, iMeet and GlobalMeet let you store your files securely and access them from any device.

9. Headset and headphones

A dependable headset or pair of headphones will help block out background noise, and they also come in handy to rock some tunes once the work is done.

10. Achieve balance

The most important part of any workation is striking the balance between work and play.  With these tools and tips in your suitcase, you can deftly manage your workation.


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