13 Tips for Unforgettable Webinar Presentations

What do we want in our webinar presentations? “You like me, you really like me!” What we get? “ZZZZZZZZZZ!”

Truly awesome webinar presentations engage, awe, thrill, reveal and excite. Every marketing expert, public relations executive and corporate communications manager know, however, that hosting a truly epic webinar is like hitting the jackpot. You want to engage your audience without inundating them with your company’s message, but ultimately get them to buy into your business.
Here are 13 tips for unforgettable webinar presentations!

  1. Generate buzz: Commission bloggers and influencers with big followings to help you gen up attendees and word of mouth.
  2. Get social: Use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest to drive awareness and sign-ups with creative, eye-catching social messages.
  3. Epic speakers: Draw in a crowd—and keep them engaged—with experts that will keep your attendees hanging on their every word.
  4. Awesome tech: If the webinar presentation technology doesn’t work, your event fails before it even starts. Use webcasting and webinar tools like TalkPoint by PGi to give attendees an experience that is download-free, easy to use and fun to join.
  5. Video: Even they can’t see you, you’re attendees are susceptible to multitasking and, well, let’s be honest: boredom. Turn on the webcam so they can see and hear.
  6. Give goodies: Swag and giveaways. Who doesn’t want them?! Give out gift cards, trinkets, tech devices and other goodies at various intervals throughout the webinar event.
  7. Epic slides: Draw their eyes and tell the story with great slides. (We love Haiku Deck!)
  8. Win their hearts: Use great storytelling, failures, and lists to engage and inspire.
  9. Polls and Q&A: Use interactive elements in your webinar presentation tool to involve attendees in the event—and keep their attention on you.
  10. Hashtag fun: Use a Twitter hashtag to let attendees share their real-time feedback and ideas, as well as raise awareness of your webinar’s awesomeness with a bigger audience.
  11. No pitches: Seriously, no demos, pitches, painful spiels. Deliver on your webinar’s promise to provide the content offered, and use follow-up to engage them in your (or the sponsor’s) messaging.
  12. Customize follow-up: Modern emailer tools will help you make that personal connection during the thank you period, as well as give you a great way to over the video replay so they can share with their friends and networks.
  13. Finally, give them more: Webinars are great content marketing tools, so position an EBook, infographic, blog or other great content during your first follow-up email. You can also use social to keep the webinar’s theme and discussion going even after it ends.

Want more awesome webinar presentation tips? Check out our free eBook, The Little Black Book of Presentation Ideas, to deliver truly spectacular presentations and webinars that help you meet your marketing objectives—and keep your audience coming back for more.

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