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3 Simple Tips to Get Your Work Mojo Back After a Long Weekend

It’s the beginning of the workweek here in the States, and it just happens to be Tuesday after our long Labor Day Weekend.

Returning to work after a long weekend, vacation or any time off can be a challenge. You’re coming off the joy of time at the beach, hiking your favorite mountain or maybe just binge-watching Netflix on your couch. The last thing on your mind is the deadline you left looming on Friday, or the avalanche of emails you’ve got to wade through before you can get back into the thick of your job.

Don’t fret, we’ve all been there! Here are 3 simple tips to get your work mojo back after a long weekend:

Clear Your Calendar

It can be tempting, after your three-day-weekend of uninterrupted bliss, to try and cram in all of the brainstorms, collaboration sessions and project reviews into your first day back to get caught up. Instead, try and push all of your meetings back to the second day to give you a solid day to catch up on emails, get your to-do list re-prioritized and in-order and ease your way back into productivity.

Besides, you’re likely to be daydreaming about the beach you’d rather be on rather than taking good notes on the statistics on slide 19.

Don’t Forget to Socialize

Whether out of genuine interest or good old fashioned jealousy, your coworkers are going to want to know how your vacation went. Don’t be afraid to let them know! Extend the good vibes from your time off and relive some of the highlights with your office BFF. Even if it feels a little braggy, talking through some of your adventures will extend that vacay high a bit and stave off the back-to-work blues.

Give Yourself a Buffer Day

If you’re really worried about the workload piling up while you’re away, plan to come back a day or two before you absolutely have to. If you fly back Sunday night and have to immediately turn around and go to work, you’ll be even more stressed and hurried. Give yourself a buffer day to rest, recover from jet lag, unpack and maybe dig into your email a bit. It’s a good opportunity to chip away at some of your work without letting it all bury you at once.

Remember, the point of time off is to rest, recharge and come back more productive than when you left. It takes a little bit of planning, but easy tips like these, you’ll be back in the swing of things in no time!

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