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4 Ways to Make Benefits Communications More Engaging

Every year, companies struggle to create the right benefits communications plan that will successfully engage employees during benefits enrollment. Although benefits enrollment is a high priority for employees and HR departments, sometimes the process can be complicated and confusing.

Because of this, it’s vital for human resources departments to find fun, interactive ways to increase engagement. Employees must engage, ask questions and digest all of the information available in order to select the most appropriate benefits for their families and budgets.

Are you and your team currently brainstorming new ways to present benefits to your employees? Try these four tips that will help make your benefit communications more engaging:

Send strategic reminders and notices.

Contrary to what seems logical, more outreach doesn’t always result in more engagement, and when you bombard inboxes with constant emails, those repetitive messages may be deleted before employees even read them. As the saying goes, if everything is important, then nothing is.

Alternatively, human resources can strategically send information by being selective with employee outreach. Pin down specific dates to send notices, and don’t always rely on emails. Even a postcard to the homes of employees can help vary the communication.

Embrace gamification.

Who doesn’t love to play games and win prizes? Share a few quizzes throughout open enrollment, and reveal the answers through the company’s intranet site and benefits informational packages. Fun and play put employees in a relaxed, motivated state where they can more easily discover and retain information because it’s more meaningful.

Create new material.

Most companies use the same informational packages that have been in circulation for the last decade. Instead of using the same handbook, create a new one with bright colors, fresh fonts and simpler language. You may even want to consider a glossary page that incudes defined key terms often used in benefits descriptions.

Follow-up virtually.

After elections, it’s important for HR teams to follow up with employees to ensure they don’t have any lingering questions and are getting the best out of their plans.

Consider using an online meeting tool to host a virtual round table once a quarter where employees can join to ask or discuss any questions they may have. Make sure to record the meeting, so you can then post it to a section within your intranet site and associates can refer to it at their convenience.

How do you communicate with your workforce during open enrollment? If you’re looking for ways to keep your employees engaged throughout the entire process, be sure to follow our tips, and learn more about our collaboration solutions for HR professionals.

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