Mystery Solved! What the Top 20 Business Buzzwords Really Mean

We’ve heard them in every business meeting, email and presentation. Buzzwords. Phrases that leave us scratching our heads or grimacing with their constant use. Their original meanings forgotten, these words and phrases buzz around conference rooms and online meetings in reckless abandon, often leaving us mere business mortals baffled. Our newest SlideShare deck reveals what the top 20 business buzzwords really mean. What buzzwords are flying around your office?

  1. At the end of the day
  2. Think outside the box
  3. Water cooler
  4. Smell test
  5. Low-hanging fruit
  6. Bandwidth
  7. Download
  8. Brain dump
  9. Core competency
  10. Get on the same page
  11. Synergy
  12. Take it offline
  13. Brain trust
  14. Out of pocket
  15. Pick your brain
  16. Deep dive
  17. Crunch time
  18. Win-win
  19. Ideation
  20. Viral


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