Celebrate Georgia Telework Week with PGi’s Telecommuting Top 5

September 15th-19th has been officially proclaimed as the fifth annual Georgia Telework Week. PGi is headquartered here in Atlanta, Georgia, and as providers of collaboration solutions, we’re big fans of telecommuting and telework.

To celebrate the kick-off of Georgia Telework Week, we’ve compiled our Telecommuting Top 5, a list of our favorite and most popular telecommuting articles, covering everything from the business impact of telecommuting to the differences between telecommuter personalities and everything in between!

Telecommuting: How Modern Knowledge Workers Thrive

Last February, PGi conducted a survey of U.S.-based knowledge workers, asking questions about the telecommuting policies at their workplaces, the tools that help them telecommute and the mental and emotional effects of being given flexible work options. The results were combined into this infographic!

Is Telecommuting Policy a Sign of Corporate Success?

PGi Founder and CEO Boland Jones writes about the business impacts of instituting a telecommuting policy, and how forward-thinking businesses know that collaboration is the key to building company culture, powering productivity and driving employee loyalty and retention.

R.I.P. 40-Hour Work Week

PGi EVP of Strategy and Communications Sean O’Brien presents another PGi survey on workplace and productivity trends, where a staggering 88% of respondents said they work above and beyond the traditional 40-hour work week. Learn how things like skipping commutes for telecommuting can lessen the stress of lengthy hours and help you #TakeBack60.

State of Telecommuting 2014 | PGi Report

Expanding on PGi’s telecommuting survey, this report on the PGi SlideShare explores the “Collaboration Disconnect;” modern collaboration tools are increasingly being provided to knowledge workers, and yet the collaboration experience for telecommuters continues to suffer.

7 Telecommuting Personalities – Which One are You? Free eBook and Quiz

Rounding out the Top 5, PGi’s eBook “7 Telecommuting Personalities,” breaks down seven distinct workstyle archetypes and what they need to be successful telecommuters. Download the eBook for free, and don’t forget to take the quiz to find out which personality is yours!

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