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Utilize Webinars to Engage Employees in Marketing Campaigns

Right under your nose is a solution to employee engagement, and all around you is reinforcement to give your marketing campaigns legs. It’s not a riddle. It’s just collaboration between corporate communications and marketing, and webinars can make it happen.

Employee webinars provide a single solution to some of the biggest challenges for both departments: increasing employee engagement and spreading the marketing message. Think of them as your battle cry to round up the troops.

By offering employees webinars where they can learn about and participate in the company’s campaigns, you gain an extra set of hands in starting discussions and widening your reach. Simultaneously, you raise awareness about internal initiatives, actively involving employees and creating brand ambassadors.

Mobilizing employees as brand ambassadors could really free you from problems you’re stuck on. But how can you communicate one more thing to employees when many won’t even click on the executive email (much less when you have teleworkers and regional teams that are even less engaged)?

Utilize webinar and webcasting services. These visual, interactive, web-based seminars offer features like polls, applications like gamification and the element of real-time authenticity, all of which make it more enticing to attend and easier for the audience to connect.

With employee webinars, you can:

  • Create opportunities to learn about the company. Share your CEO’s live speaking gig, a compelling video from the corporate retreat or live presentations covering marketing messages. All of these resources will help inform employees what your company’s story is so when they do share marketing campaigns, they share a consistent message.
  • Incorporate social media into employee training. Webinars are a great platform for employees to learn about your social media efforts and policy, as well as how to use Twitter or start discussions on LinkedIn so they can become thought leaders themselves. Plus, employees can polish their social media profiles with your best practices, which helps them network and build their own brands.
  • Gamify your brand ambassador efforts. Use internal webinars to create a full gamification program for marketing and engagement. After employees complete an action (like commenting on a Facebook post, creating a LinkedIn discussion or retweeting a photo) you can create badges and points they earn along the way.
  • Mine for new content marketing ideas. Your brand ambassadors will not only participate in actively marketing your brand but will also listen to conversations happening in every niche of the online universe. Use them for new angles, ideas and perspectives, or ask them questions as sources based on their unique experience in the organization.

Considering only 42 percent of workers know their company’s core values and that when engaged, 38 percent will share company content (according to recent surveys cited by Forbes), using employee webinars to accomplish both is a win-win. For corporate communications, it furthers transparency, and for marketing, it humanizes your brand.

By connecting silos and partnering up for projects like this, companies also build a culture on collaboration. After all, it’s really all about connecting, whether with employees or consumers.

New to webinars or frustrated by disengaged attendees? To really drive home your marketing message to employees, check out PGi’s latest SlideShare, 13 Tips for Unforgettable Webinars, to wake up your audience. 

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