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Virtualize Your Benefits Communications

Open enrollment for health care benefits is generally a busy time for human resources departments. To help employees make informed decisions, HR teams must successfully update the company’s entire workforce on benefits options.

This can prove especially difficult for a large, dispersed workforce, but you can make the process easier by using an online meeting tool for benefits communications. iMeet® and GlobalMeet® by PGi can help you effectively communicate with employees, no matter their locations.

Eliminate the need for travel.

It’s not always feasible to hop on a plane to visit employees in every office. It takes too much time and money, and some of your workforce may work from home.

By using online meeting tools, you can customize your communications plan according to your workforce. You can schedule multiple online meetings at times when you know the majority of the workforce is available. You can also record the sessions and post the videos to your intranet site so employees can review the video at a more convenient time.

Provide a personal touch.

It’s important to ensure that employees feel comfortable throughout the benefits discussion so they are able to make the most appropriate decisions for their budget and families. If they feel intimidated, they may not ask very important questions.

When holding a meeting in one of PGi’s tools, attendees can use the chat feature to ask any questions they may have, and if they want to ask a more personal question, they can send a private chat directly to the host. This way, they can get all of their questions answered confidentially.

Stay organized.

PGi’s products make it possible to easily share presentations, videos, spreadsheets and more with all meeting attendees. Do you usually work from multiple devices? You can store all of your files in the cloud, making your documents available in iMeet and GlobalMeet from any of your devices.

Associates who may have missed out on some of the virtual events are able to download fliers and handouts online at a more convenient time. This helps make sure everyone has access to the important information.

Interested in learning more about PGi’s products and how both iMeet and GlobalMeet can help you more effectively communicate with your workforce about health benefits? Contact PGi today.

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