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Webcasting 101: TalkPoint and PGi Bring the Power of Self-Service Webcasts

In case you missed the announcement yesterday, TalkPoint joined the PGi family in a strategic move that takes us another step further down the path to our industry’s future. Integrating PGi’s global resources and infrastructure with TalkPoint’s webcasting software and services just made sense. Together, we’ll bring the power of webcasting to organizations across the globe, enhancing collaboration and driving business growth.

But, I’m getting ahead of myself. Since webcasting may be new ground for some of you, let’s take a quick refresher course.

Webcasting 101

At its simplest explanation, a webcast is a broadcast of video, audio or both over the internet. In the world of business, this generally equates to presentations, town halls, company announcements—a practically endless set of use cases. Essentially, if you want to have a one-to-many conversation with tens or even thousands of attendees without worrying about travel or logistics, a webcast is a fantastic solution to share your message, whatever that message may be.

The problem is that webcasting has typically been prohibitively expensive and complex. Professionally managed webcasts look like TV productions, with satellite trucks, camera crews and a full production staff. Sometimes this is the right solution; for large-scale events that simply cannot fail, you can trust a managed webcast provider to deliver an unmatched level of service. But, the seeming complexity of these events can be a barrier to entry for smaller organizations, or any group that wants to have more frequent webcasts.

In other words, webcasts can be intimidating.  How can we make them something the average employee or team can pick up and make happen on their own?

Self-Service Webcasting

We sought to solve this problem and make high-quality, enterprise-grade self-service webcasting a reality. As technology has evolved, we’ve made it simpler and easier for people to both host and join webcasts from anywhere and on any device.

Here’s how we redefined webcasting and made it a truly self-service experience:

  • 100% Browser-Based: Join or host a webcast from Windows, Mac OS, iPhone, Android—anywhere you use a web browser. There are no downloads, plugins or apps required.
  • Automated Publishing and Editing: Once you’ve finished your webcast, it’s immediately available for publication for on-demand viewing. It even uses the same URL as your live event. And we provide built-in editing tools to crop video, audio or PowerPoint slides, and you can even upload additional slides and video clips after your webcast has ended.
  • Use What You Have: Our webcasting technology turns all of your existing video and audio infrastructure into broadcasting equipment. Use your existing video conferencing unit, webcam, encoder, studio or telephone to conduct your event—no additional investment required.
  • Measure Success: Finally, ensure that you’re maximizing your ROI with instant access to attendance metrics, survey results, Q&A and testing and certification.

Our technology has already reinvented what webcasting can be for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Now, as a part of PGi’s global network, we can both expand the reach of our technology, bringing collaboration to more users around the world, and continue to drive innovation in the webcasting market.

We are thrilled to join PGi, and we look forward to transforming the business collaboration landscape together.

To learn more about PGi’s acquisition of TalkPoint, read the full press release here.


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