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5 Business Etiquette Blockheads in the Future of Work

Still perfecting your not-too-firm but not-too-limp handshake, but clueless about how to navigate online meetings? For today’s workplace, business etiquette best practices are lagging behind.

Because increasingly we’re meeting from miles apart instead of in person, yesterday’s business etiquette rules need a fresh revision. Plus, thanks to modern workplace technologies, the office cubicle may undergo a major transformation in the near future.

Recently, PGi posted an infographic on virtual reality technology in the future of work, which indicates that the workplace will be filled with virtual reality, holograms and augmented reality sooner than you think.

With the adoption of new technology in the office comes a need for updated ground rules because bad business etiquette ruins productivity. Poor business etiquette, whether in a meeting or virtual reality, causes distractions, wastes time, depletes motivation and holds you back at work.

Just for fun, we took a quick spin in our time machine far into the future of work, and found these five business etiquette blockheads:

1. The Never-Present Wearables Junkie: The data never stops flowing, and all incoming information is your “precious”—everything else can wait.

2. The Taking-It-Too-Far VR Fanatic: You bring your virtual reality display everywhere—including the office ping pong room.

3. The Disengaged Hologram: Now that you can hologram-in to meetings, you use your new technology as more of a party trick than a way to participate in discussions from afar.

4. The Work Drone Prankster: Like a kid with a video game controller, you hover the shiny new work drone over everyone to spook colleagues.

5. The Telepresence Robot Explorer: Like you’re at a mission on Mars, every day’s a new adventure as you explore the office with a new set of eyes (except that project that’s due).

OK, perhaps these business etiquette no-nos are a little far-flung. But for modern etiquette rules on email, social media, conference calls, online meetings and telecommuting, look no further than the brand new, practical (and free!) eBook “The Modern Worker’s Etiquette Handbook.” It’s sure to be an instant classic for your virtual workstation.

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