Leadership Lessons for Boss's Day

5 Leadership Lessons From Your Favorite TV-Movie Bosses

Corner offices, reserved parking spots and bigger paychecks really are “boss,” but the best bosses aren’t just high-ranking titles, they’re great leaders.

In honor of Boss’s Day, kick your feet up and take a break with these five, fun leadership lessons from your favorite TV-movie bosses.

1. Call it like you see it. Some situations call for niceties, but sometimes, employees need to hear the truth. Make a point to be an honest, authentic leader just like Jack Donaghy.

2. Lead with presence. Charisma, conviction and candor earn you power and get you far. Plus, take it from Miranda Priestly: presence and body language speak volumes over silly words sometimes.

3. Be clear. Setting clear guidelines and goals for employees not only motivates them but also offers transparency on what the boundaries and consequences are of not following them. Even Darth Vader knew that. (Better yet, let employees create their own policies.)

4. Know when to use tough love. Leadership isn’t about being the office jerk or being everyone’s best friend. Leaders like Dr. Bob Kelso know that sometimes playing the bad guy can be good for business.

5. Lighten up. Everyone’s favorite boss, Michael Scott, made fun a priority, even during mundane tasks. Create an environment your employees want to be in for eight hours each day, and watch the teamwork and productivity soar.

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