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Master Unruly Audio with the Conference Call Flowchart

In PGi’s most recent eBook, “The Modern Worker’s Etiquette Handbook,” we explore several modern business etiquette tips for email, social media, telecommuting and more.

Online meetings and conference calls are one of the most common examples of where etiquette can fail modern workers. For conference calls, noisy surroundings, barking dogs, screaming children or simply bad, scratchy audio connections can ruin meetings for you and your guests. If you’re the culprit, it’s up to you to either find a quiet meeting spot or master your mute button to ensure a smooth, productive experience.

To help you know if you’re ready for your next conference call, our eBook includes this handy-dandy Conference Call Flowchart! Print it out and hang it by your desk, or passive-aggressively send it to your unruly coworker. The choice is yours!

For more business etiquette tips, download the eBook for free today!

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