Virtual Health Fair

Host a Virtual Health Fair

Of vital importance for both organizations and employees, health fairs provide an opportunity for employees to have real conversations with physicians and other health care vendors.

However, as companies grow and globalize, health fairs become difficult to execute. HR teams don’t have the time or budget to hold health fairs at multiple offices, and it’s nearly impossible to coordinate an event for employees in other countries.

Instead of eliminating such an important employee resource due to limited means, why not host a virtual health fair? A virtual health fair not only eliminates the need for travel but also makes attendance much easier for all associates—even employees who work from home.

PGi faces the same challenge as most companies. Associates are located in 36 different states, and 25 percent work from home full-time.

PGi’s very own Sr. Benefits Manager Karrie Andes decided to create a virtual health benefits fair to engage associates. Learn how Karrie used iMeet® and GlobalMeet® to create a communications plan specifically for PGi’s workforce:

  • Virtual Vendor Booths: Karrie created multiple iMeet rooms so vendors could present their information and easily answer any questions employees may have. This helped create a relaxed environment that made employees feel comfortable. A schedule with links to each vendor room was emailed to all employees so they could visit each room at their leisure.
  • Benefits Information in the Cloud: iMeet comes equipped with a file folder feature which allows users to store content in the cloud. After each presentation, vendors uploaded their documents and videos so attendees could download the materials at their convenience.
  • A Virtual Open Door for Questions: Karrie hosted several webinars to help make sure all employees were fully aware of PGi’s offerings. She even added a few late night sessions so spouses could join in on the conversation as well. During the last day of open enrollment, HR employees were available for several hours via an iMeet room to answer any last-minute questions employees may have.

After enrollment ended, Karrie continued to follow up with employees who enrolled in one of PGi’s newest benefits plans. Since it is a relatively new plan, she wanted to make sure employees still felt as comfortable as they did when they first signed up.

She checks in with employees every quarter via GlobalMeet to discuss any comments or questions employees may have. Afterwards, she sends her notes to all enrollees, including those who could not attend.

PGi’s iMeet and GlobalMeet solutions create a unique and interactive experience that make it possible for companies to better communicate with a global workforce.

Are you interested in more tips on how you can improve your productivity and collaboration within your human resources department? Learn more about PGi’s state-of-the-art collaboration tools today.

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