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5 Scary Good Presentation Ideas From Top Halloween Movies

Do presentation nightmares cripple you with fear more than slasher flicks and creature features? Then it’s time to change up your game so you’re the final survivor standing in your horror movie.

Follow these five presentation ideas and lessons from some of your favorite Halloween films to escape your presentation nightmares:

1. Seize attention in your opening slide. Be aggressive with graphics and bold statements, and remember bigger is better when it comes to both monsters and fonts. Make your audience drop their buckets of chum, er, their phones.

2. Shamelessly incorporate themes. Go all Tim Burton and create a unique, memorable world for your presentation where you’re the Pumpkin King. Themes unify slides, making your presentation cohesive and easier to follow. Repetition is also a useful tool for reinforcing ideas and feelings.

3. Beware slide overload. Remember, too much of a good thing can quickly go bad. Unless you want your presentation to become an Alfred Hitchcock classic, limit slides to avoid information fatigue. A good rule of thumb: limit yourself to up to 10 slides per 30 minutes.

4. Break the fourth wall to engage with your audience. Don’t hide behind your slides and notes. Move with purpose and encourage interruptions to break the boundary between you and the audience.

5. Embrace awkward silence. Pause for impact. Speak softly to command attention. Interrupt the regular flow of your presentation pace, and give important moments enough time to sink in before continuing.

One more thing… Remember when we found out the “Saw” criminal mastermind was in the room the whole time? Blow your audience’s minds with one last trick or treat.

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