Quick Poll: What Are Your Presentation Nightmares?

Ripped slacks. Heckling from the audience. Total brain freeze. Wrong answers in a Q&A. Crickets in the audience. For business professionals everywhere, giving presentations can be the thing of nightmares.

In honor of Halloween, the scariest time of year, we want to know your most horrifying presentation nightmares.

Take this quick poll …

And you could be the lucky winner of a customized, personalized cartoon showing you overcoming your worst presentation nightmare.

What terrifying presentation fears leave you shaking before stepping out on stage?

  1. Showing your executive team a picture of Milo the Cat instead of the latest profit chart?
  2. Ripping your slacks in front of a sold-out audience?
  3. Fido ruining your sales pitch by barking at the mailman?
  4. Being late to your boss’ presentation because of web conferencing downloads?
  5. Heckling during your presentation at a conference?

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Blakely is a work-life juggler with three little monsters, Sci-Fi/Fantasy Book-a-holic, Atlanta transplant and PR/social/content strategist (and presentations nerd) for PGi.

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