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The Shift to Unified Collaboration: PGi Acquires Central Desktop

We’re just coming off the heels of our acquisition of TalkPoint, but we’re not slowing down. I am excited to announce another acquisition that is incredibly important for PGi’s strategic vision.

However, this particular deal is important enough to warrant a little backstory.

The very nature of collaboration is changing. It’s been changing for the entire 20-plus years I’ve been in this industry, but at no other time has the change been as rapid or dramatic. Collaboration software and technology are evolving at a fevered pace and, combined with increasingly flexible and progressive workstyles, represent a titanic shift in the way work gets done.

And ultimately, that’s what collaboration is: the way people work together.

As the world’s largest pure-play collaboration provider, we’ve seen these shifts coming and have adapted our strategies to meet the needs of the modern worker. More so than ever, organizations, departments, teams and individuals are empowered and encouraged to embrace their own unique work styles. To lead the way into the future of business collaboration, our portfolio of solutions must work for everyone, regardless of when, where, how and why they want to work together.

To that end, I am thrilled to announce that Central Desktop is joining the PGi family. Central Desktop provides an online team collaboration and project management solution for businesses, supplementing PGi’s industry-leading, real-time collaboration solutions with an innovative, asynchronous workspace environment that allows teams to collaborate on projects on their own terms.

Designed to get you and your teams out of email, Central Desktop is where you go before or after your meeting, collaborating on documents, deals, brainstorms or whatever it is your team needs to get done. It’s collaboration on your own terms. Instead of slowing down the day to coordinate busy schedules to accommodate a real-time meeting, collaboration happens whenever and however your team wants.

For any and all of your meetings—from ad hoc team brainstorms to large-scale, operator-assisted events—PGi has you covered. And with the addition of Central Desktop, whether your team is scattered across time zones or they simply prefer to work outside of meetings, we have you covered before and after your meetings, too.

We are excited to join forces with Central Desktop and their incredibly talented team, and we look forward to forging the future of business collaboration together.

For more information, read the full press release.


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