PGi at Gartner Symposium-ITxpo 2014

PGi at Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2014: Driving Digital Business

The digital business is no longer the future of work. It’s here. Is your IT team ready?

PGi, a global leader in collaboration software, will join Gartner this Oct. 5-9 for the Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2014. The Orlando event is one of eight global events where Gartner shares insights on IT, business and technology trends with more than 24,000 attendees, including thousands of CIOs and senior IT executives.

This year, experts discuss the new era of enterprise IT: Driving Digital Business.

Every business is now digital, and they must respond and adapt to users’ preferences for mobility, wearables and social applications. However, while trends like the Internet of Things helped create a non-linear buyer journey, most IT departments still respond from a linear state of mind.

To tame what Gartner calls the “digital dragon,” IT teams have a lot of catching up to do—and quickly. Those who embrace the change face new opportunities, and those that drag behind face digital threats.

To meet the challenge, IT teams and CIOs need to adopt the tech trends that have brewed and bubbled over: cloud scale infrastructure, collaboration for agility and partnerships, new leadership roles with clarity and vision, etc. In the new digital landscape, IT must redefine leadership roles, adopt bimodal processes, cultivate relationships for innovation and grow with the connected consumer.

They also have to embrace the content and collaboration revolutions in order to remain relevant and competitive. According to the Gartner Symposium Conference 2014 Pre-Event survey, respondents expect to spend 46 percent more on content, collaboration and social software in the next 6-12 months alone.

After an era of being a predictable, isolated subculture, the “shrinking IT” department will flourish into an inventive yet calculable branch, integrated into the decision-making and problem-solving processes of the rest of the business.

As your IT department fine-tunes itself into a more complex, collaborating team, PGi is ready to evolve and scale with you.

Look for PGi in the Content, Collaboration and Social Software Marketplace, booth #345, and learn more about our collaborative advantage for the new IT role in the digital business.

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