top 10 songs to amp work productivity

10 Songs Scientifically Proven to Amp Up Your Work Productivity (and 2 Just for Fun)

Do you have favorite album that you swear amps up your work productivity? A Spotify playlist that you listen to when you need a burst of creativity? Or an old CD you pop in when you need a little pick-me-up at work? Good news, friends: Science is here for your musical needs.

Various studies over the past decade have scientifically proven the power of music within the workplace, and they’ve identified the top songs to help you get in the mood professionally. Check out our newest SlideShare presentation below to unveil the top 10 songs scientifically proven to amp up your work productivity and creativity– and two of my team’s favorite songs, which we sing to each other when the going gets tough.
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And now, because I couldn’t help myself, “Everything is Awesome.”

Can’t see the SlideShare deck? Go here to access it directly or check out the transcript below:

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