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Webcasting vs. Web Conferencing: Do You Know the Difference?

Webcasting and web conferencing: tomayto, tomahto, right? Both technologies transmit audio and video online for download-free presentations and interactive meetings, so you can communicate with anyone from miles away.

Actually, webcasting and web conferencing are not synonymous terms. But between their overlapping features and their widespread, interchangeable use, we know it gets confusing.

So, let’s clear the air. Before you purchase your presentation solution, take a look at what you can really expect from webcasting and web conferencing tools.

Broadcast Yourself With Webcasting

When you need a solution for investor relations presentations, e-learning or seminars, look for webcasting tools. Webcasts enable “one-to-many” broadcasting—putting your face or voice in front of not just hundreds, but thousands with custom branding all around you.

If you have Hollywood dreams for your business presentation, you can create a high-quality, sophisticated broadcast through a standard Internet browser and your existing audio and video technology. Attendee interaction is limited and carefully moderated, because hey, this is all about you (or a small group of presenters).

And even after you take your bow, even more fans (or employees) can view the spectacle with editing and publishing features—and you can even remix that flubbed line.

Collaborate With Web Conferencing

If you manage a virtual team, give presentations to the regional office or collaborate with other departments, you need web conferencing. With “many-to-many,” multipoint communication, everyone gets screen time.

Web conferencing enables greater sharing. Instead of just a poll or Q&A session, web conferencing attendees can swap files, share their screens and record group notes together. In fact, you and your guests can upload and download files in the cloud right from your web conferencing room with tools like GlobalMeet®.

Buyer Beware: Know Your Tech Terms

As a buyer, you need to be confident and knowledgeable about your needs and the type of collaboration solution that will ultimately meet them. Webcasting and web conferencing, while sharing similarities, offer unique benefits for different functions.

Webcasting is an optimal choice for global, large-scale presentations, and web conferencing typically better suits smaller, regional audiences. Webcasts also offer on-demand options, whereas web conferencing is live (with recording capabilities for information archiving).

Knowing the difference, you’ll have the technical support necessary to give your best virtual events and business presentations. Productive, flawless events come easy when you can select the perfect option for your audience size, collaboration needs and presentation purpose, whether it’s reaching more ears or teamwork.

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