Discover 2015 Collaboration Trends and Knowledge Worker Expectations in PGi’s Latest Survey and eBook

As 2014 draws to a close, our thoughts turn to 2015. What technologies and innovations will shape collaboration trends in the new year? And how should businesses evolve to meet the changing needs, expectations and desires of their workers?

At PGi, the world’s largest pure-play provider of collaboration solutions and services, we are uniquely focused on the changing nature of collaboration, and we’ve helped drive its evolution for over 20 years. To that end, I’m proud to share both our latest survey and newest eBook, where we unearth trends and explore predictions for how collaboration will evolve in 2015.

PGi’s 2015 Workplace Resolutions Survey

A new year brings new resolutions, the goals we set for ourselves to drive both personal and professional change. In our latest survey, we asked U.S. knowledge workers what their top five goals were for the New Year:

  • Earn a raise or promotion (22.6%)
  • Establish a better work-life balance (18.2%)
  • Implement better technology (16.9%)
  • Become more organized (16.7%)
  • Pursue continuing education (12.1%)

We also asked workers about their most-wanted tools and technology for 2015. The power of the user increasingly shapes businesses’ technology policies and purchases, so it is vital to understand the tools employees want to use to get work done. Tablet computers took top billing (23.7%), followed closely by project management tools (15.1%), productivity apps (14.5%), analytics software (11.9%) and team collaboration workspaces (11.1%).

Team collaboration workspaces ranked first for the communications tool workers want more of in 2015.

For complete survey results, email [email protected].

The Future of Business Collaboration 2015 Edition

Last year, we launched the first edition of “The Future of Business Collaboration,” an eBook exploring the technology trends and innovation that we believed would shape collaboration for businesses all over the world. The eBook compiled expertise and predictions from a variety of industry experts on the current and future of collaboration technologies and their impact on businesses and workers. And, it even became the namesake for this very blog.

I’m excited to announce that, in addition to our survey, we’ve once again partnered with experts such as AirWatch® by VMware®, Frost & Sullivan, Edelman and more to bring you the 2015 Edition of “The Future of Business Collaboration” eBook. This year’s edition features new trends, expertise and predictions to reflect the ever-changing state of collaboration:

  • The Evolution of BYOD/BYOA: Challenges of “Anywhere-ization”
  • The “Internet of Things” Infiltrates Businesses: The Workplace of Things
  • Solving the Problem of Time Zones: Asynchronous vs. Synchronous Collaboration
  • Defining the Success of Big Data: Collaborating Beyond Data Collection into Effective Application
  • Unifying Business Applications: Convergence of Collaboration

Join the Conversation

Finally, we recognize that the future of business collaboration does not belong to us alone. It is and will continue to be shaped by all of us. The way we work, the technologies we develop and the best practices we rely upon all play a role in creating the future of the collaborative experience. Empower your collaboration in 2015 – try iMeet free today!

We want to know your thoughts on the future of business collaboration. Engage with us. Disagree with us. Tell us where you think collaboration will go in 2015 and beyond. Comment on blogs, find us on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or LinkedIn, and share with us your own collaboration expertise. I promise we’re listening.

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