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Flipboard Friday: Facebook at Work, Designer Smart Eyewear and More

Collaboration. Productivity. Tech trends. While we bring you our insights and predictions on this topic here on the Future of Business Collaboration, there’s no way we could possibly cover it all. However, it’s important to stay on top of the ever-moving collaboration industry in order to make informed decisions about working effectively and efficiently.

That’s why The Future of Business Collaboration is also a Flipboard Magazine, curating the best news and articles covering business trends from all around the web. Let’s take a look at some recent additions to the magazine:

The 5 Things Your Employees Really Want in 2015, flipped from Inc

Best-selling author Peter Economy writes, “Most leaders intuitively know that a happier workforce is a more productive workforce,” and he goes on to prove his theory utilizing PGi’s very own recently released workforce survey data.

4 Tiny Tweaks To Make Meetings Vastly More Productive, flipped from Fast Company

The always-insightful Fast Company tackles a topic very close to our hearts here at PGi: meetings, and how to have better ones. Don’t miss these four tips to make your next meeting more productive.

Intel Teams With Luxottica To Build The Future Of Smart Eyewear, flipped from TechCrunch

Even amidst claims that Google Glass is officially dead, Intel is throwing its own glasses into the ring. Already rumored to be powering the next version of Glass, Intel has partnered with Luxottica Group to “plot the course of smart eyewear for the future.”

Report: Facebook’s Working on a New “Facebook at Work” Site, flipped from Gizmodo

Rumors are swirling that Zuckerberg & Co. are working on a version of Facebook specifically for the workplace, positioning them to tackle professional networking giant LinkedIn head-on. Should be fun to watch.

How To Discover Your Individual Communication Style, flipped from Fast Company

Another one from Fast Company, this piece delves into 7 unique communication styles, challenging you to identify your own style to have more productive and efficient conversations in the workplace.


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