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Why Online Meetings Seem More Popular Now Than Ever

Companies once viewed video communication as more of a novelty than a necessity, but now, online meetings are a regular part of the modern workday.

Now that businesses have exhausted audio-only and email collaboration, what were once tools for the forward-thinking organization are now quickly becoming essentials at most companies. Suddenly, companies are making a concerted push to add video and web conferencing components to their collaboration strategies.

In fact, employees expect the biggest change at work in 2015 to be new communications tools, listing video and web conferencing among the top three tools they’ll use more, according to PGi’s 2015 Workplace Resolutions Survey.

And it’s not just coming from the top. When asked about top work resolutions and most wanted perks in the New Year, employees themselves say they want better work technology from their companies.

Why do online meetings seem more popular now than ever?

  • Mobility and Connectivity: Telecommuting, globalization and dispersion prove we are a mobile workforce more than ever before; we connect to Wi-Fi everywhere and we access video on webcams and smartphones (and very soon, wearables). Everyone—parents, older generations, managers—telecommutes for better productivity and work-life balance, and even in-office employees stay connected after work hours. Regional, national and international companies cannot support communication with the complex logistics and high costs of travel. Whether by preference or necessity, we increasingly work from anywhere, and the ability to hold online meetings help us stay connected.
  • Disruption: Even though we’re working from apart more than ever, we’re still prioritizing collaboration. Now that every company is digital, entire industries are competing with innovation and disruption and looking for those great ideas within their own organizations. Some companies reinvent their entire office to harvest it, and some find new ways to meet more, through collaboration tools.
  • Better User Experience: Online meetings are easier than ever to host and join. Clean, intuitive interfaces have eliminated the clutter and now house only the essential features for presentations and engagement. Beyond user-friendly simplicity, the technology’s so good you can substitute online meetings for in-person face time with crystal clear audio and high-definition video. Plus, meeting capacity options and customizability offer flexibility to support a variety of meeting needs.
  • Affordability: Many solutions are now cloud-based, offered as software as a service (SaaS). This service model requires no on-site infrastructure installation or maintenance, making online meetings less costly. This benefits small businesses, as well as lines of business in enterprises that are now making more technology buying decisions and owning more of the IT budget than ever before.

Even though many businesses are just now adopting online meetings, the way we work is still changing. How will we collaborate in the future of work? Find out now in PGi’s free eBook, “The Future of Business Collaboration 2015 Edition.”

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