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3 Unique Apps for Work Productivity Outside the Box

Everyone’s always searching for a fresh new way to be smarter, faster and more efficient during the workday.

Drink your coffee at just the right time to get the most from your java buzz, create daily goals to stay on track, meet online to save time and schedule work activities according to your energy levels for maximum productivity at work. You’ve probably heard these same productivity tips over and over, and those same hacks and shortcuts may very well become too routine.

It’s time to shake things up. Here are the three quirkiest, weirdest, most unique apps to download now and get back on track for better productivity:

  1. HabitRPG: One thing many productivity apps are missing are rewards and consequences, and that’s why apps that gamify everything are growing in popularity. Instead of just checking off completed tasks, HabitRPG rewards you with new features and gold for in-game items. When you miss a goal, you lose health just like in a video game. You’ll find all the familiar charts and to-do lists as other productivity apps, except in this one your pixelated character earns armor, weapons, potions and more to wear as badges of honor.
  2. CARROT: CARROT is another to-do list app with a gaming element to earn points and unlock unusual novelties like jokes and games. However, this app packs personality, and if you fail in this game, CARROT will reveal its wicked side, call you lazy and top it off with an evil laugh. If CARROT’s moody warnings and sarcasm really motivate you, the app also features a judgmental fitness program, calorie counter and alarm clock to sass you into sticking with more productive habits.
  3. Coffitivity: If you can’t escape the cubicle, you can bring a change of scenery to you. Based on a study that ambient noise supports creativity, this app offers a variety of tracks with coffeehouse noises and background murmurs while you work. It turns out, a moderate amount of distraction can help you find your flow and think outside the box. For free you can type away to breakfast and lunchtime noises at a coffee shop or campus café, or you can subscribe to more exotic coffeehouse tracks from Paris, Brazil and Texas.

Remember, though, all the technology in the world cannot transform you into a more productive worker if you’re not making smart choices about how to make the best use of it. Give yourself time to adopt new tools and technology to your workflow, and find ways to measure your productivity to ensure your time testing them is well spent.

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