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3 Resolutions Every Worker Should Make in 2015

Even though we’re already a week into 2015, it’s not too late to decide on a resolution for the New Year. While we’ve already got your meetings taken care of, what about you, as an individual worker? What do you want to get better at, do more of, do less of, start doing or stop doing in 2015?

Below are three ideas for you to help kick-start your workplace resolutions, tackling some common office problems that are pretty easy to overlook:

1) Communicate Smarter

How much time is wasted because of miscommunication? Unclear meeting invites, cryptic emails, lost IMs; the list goes on. Our latest survey revealed that workers want better communication tools in 2015, with team collaboration workspaces taking top billing. While you can’t necessarily resolve your way to better communication and collaboration tools, you should commit to some simple steps to communicate better as an individual in 2015.

Don’t lean too heavily on page-long emails when a quick, ad hoc online meeting can get your point across much more quickly. On the flip side, don’t drag people into confusing, lengthy meetings that can have their goals accomplished in a simple email. Take that document review into a team workspace or corporate intranet where everyone’s voice can be heard and everything is recorded for posterity.

Leave the desk drive-by requests and seemingly endless email chains behind, and start communicating smarter in 2015.

2) Challenge the Status Quo – in Apps, Processes and More

Worker preferences are increasingly shaping how businesses operate. Take, for example, BYOD, a trend that is still a hot topic after several years of practical application–and a trend that is 100% driven by you, the employee. Your desire and demand for more innovative technologies has created entire industries around deploying and managing the mobile devices you want to do work on in the workplace.

Don’t be afraid to leverage your own judgment and preferences in 2015. Share your cool productivity and task management apps with your bosses. Shake up existing processes that are clung to “because we’ve always done it that way.” Even if you ultimately land back on the status quo, the process of challenging and evaluating how you’re working is valuable for everyone involved.

3) Stop Talking About Balance and Start Living It

Work-life balance (or integration, or fusion, or whatever we’re calling it this week) is a huge concern for employees around the world. As our always-on digital existences let work creep in after hours, drawing those clear lines between work and play becomes increasingly difficult. However, overwork remains a huge problem, and the extra hours we’re putting in aren’t actually translating into increased productivity.

In 2015, it’s time to stop talking about ways to pursue balance and start living them. Email, texts and online meetings aren’t new technologies anymore, so there’s no excuse not to leverage them to make your work life easier and more fulfilling.

In other words? It’s time to put up or shut up. Turn off your work email notifications after hours. Take your morning meeting from your laptop at home so you can finish chores after dropping the kids off at school. Make dinner reservations, duck out of the office before 5 and take your last conference call on the road. Turn your work-life balance ideas into actual actions.

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