BYOD BYOA Bring Your Own Collaboration Trends for 2015

5 Emerging Business Collaboration Trends for 2015

Curious about the most recent trends in business collaboration? To provide a better understanding of trending business priorities, technologies, departments and human interactions, five thought leaders share their insights in a recent Collaboration Trend Report by PGi.

Thought leaders from Edelman, PGi, AirWatch® by VMWare®, Central Desktop and Frost & Sullivan share their top five emerging business collaboration trends for 2015 in a revealing new eBook: “The Future of Business Collaboration.”

Here are some of the key trends and challenges to keep in mind because collaboration is vital to business success:


The evolution of BYOD, anywhere-ization reflects how work can be accessed and completed from anywhere, but with several key considerations for organizations and IT departments.

The Workplace of Things

The Internet of Things, or the development of intelligent and connected objects that provide contextual data and information, has primarily targeted the smart home to this point in time. However, smart technologies will inevitably find their way into the workplace.

Synchronous vs. Asynchronous Collaboration

Increasingly remote and flexible workforces create a very specific problem: time. Until this year, collaboration rode the line between real-time (synchronous) and near-time (asynchronous) interactions, and cloud-based collaboration technologies are beginning to reflect this dichotomy.

Big Data

Big data has been a business trend for many years, but we’re beginning to move past the “collection” stage and into the “analysis” and “application” phases. How we collaborate with and around data with define success for organizations moving forward.


The idea of unifying business applications—including collaboration technologies and usage—will be persuasive in the coming years. The deluge of cloud, on-premise and hybrid cloud technologies will eventually be unified, whether through open APIs or a provider creating a singular, unified experience.

To dive deeper into the five emerging business collaboration trends, download your free eBook copy of “The Future of Business Collaboration 2016 Edition,” and join the conversation on what the future holds for business collaboration, productivity and technology by commenting below or tweeting these thought leaders:

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