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5 Videos to Reignite Your Team’s Creative Collaboration

Ever feel like your team’s circling the same old ideas, stuck in a creative rut? It happens. When you’re brainstorming and problem solving together on a regular basis, it’s easy to fall into the same ways of thinking and approaching ideas.

Take a look at these five videos to reignite your team’s creative collaboration process and accelerate innovation.

1. Make Everyone Uncomfortable: Routine can be essential to creativity, but it can also create a stale brainstorming environment. What if you made everyone stand up during a meeting? What if you had your team give presentations like a science fair? What if you had the quietest person on the team lead your meeting? Author Frank Barrett speaks to Harvard Business Review about how to demand new creative thinking from your team by forcing them out of their comfort zone.

2. Ask Stupid Questions: Sometimes your assumptions prevent you from really reaching true innovation. Critic and author Jonathon Keats praises the naive question and child-like thinking for their ability to lead you to new perspectives to solve bigger questions in this video from Big Think.

3. Revisit Old Ideas: Your next big idea could be hiding in a place you’ve already been. From The Atlantic‘s series on creative breakthroughs, Oceanographer David Gallo talks about how his big idea wasn’t finding the next Titanic but combing every inch of it. By mapping the ship in its entirety, he brought to light an entirely new story that everyone thought had already been done.

4. Really Digest Criticism: The whole point of creative collaboration isn’t only to share ideas but also to discuss them and provide feedback. However, once you’ve nurtured your idea, it’s hard to hear someone expose all the holes. Fast Company‘s video, “8 Ways to Train Yourself to Accept Criticism,” gives you a one-minute rundown of how to positively approach criticism so you can push your ideas to new levels of innovation.

5. Bring in Fresh Feedback: Don’t limit your feedback to colleagues and supervisors. See what others have to say outside of your immediate circle, including other lines of business at your company, existing clients, brand fans and potential customers. Entrepreneur Cyrus Massoumi explains how honest feedback from his company’s target market helped him identify their biggest pain points to validate his innovative business idea.

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