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5 Ways to Start 2015 With a Productivity Bang

Do you have big goals this year to earn a promotion, negotiate a higher salary or step up your leadership skills? Then you need to prove you can go above and beyond your job title. What you really need is better productivity at work.

Before you search for time management hacks, first revisit what’s not working and start breaking bad habits of yesteryear.

Here are five bad habits to break and new ways to start 2015 with a productivity bang:

  1. Bad habit: staying in your cubicle: This year, embrace the benefits of working from home. While the office offers prime time for collaboration, it’s full of disruptions when it comes down to getting work done. In fact studies show that not only are the majority of workers interrupted 10 or more times per day but that even mere seconds of interruption result in more errors. On the other hand, telecommuting helps you better control interruptions from co-workers so you can focus, even if it’s just one or two remote days each week.
  2. Bad habit: responding to emails in the morning: Do you dedicate the first part of your day to email correspondence? Then you may be wasting one of your most productive times of the day. During your first couple of hours at work, skip mundane tasks like email, and instead use that peak energy to tackle something hard and set a productive tone for your day.
  3. Bad habit: not making productivity a team goal: We often focus on the individual benefits of productivity (promotions, work-life balance, heading home early), but productivity should be a team goal, too. Instead of just working on your own task list, create team to-do lists this year, and look for a team workspace that will help you instantly update and review the status of team projects.
  4. Bad habit: not trying new productivity tools: Instead of trying new things, do you have the same to-do list, organization and project management tools from years ago? Do you rely on email only for communication and project updates? Then it’s time to rethink the way you work with something brand new. Remember, you need to invest time and resources into new organization systems in order to really test them for your needs, but in the long run, these investments pay off.
  5. Bad habit: using too many productivity tools: Do you have more than one place to organize, collaborate or communicate? This year, consolidate. Use a productivity tool like Agenday to integrate every meeting and calendar entry into one stream, and look for apps and software that will keep you from checking, updating and toggling between more than one space.

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