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Infographic: How Technology Empowers Productivity

Operating a leaner, smarter, more agile business requires not only better productivity but also a more collaborative environment. However, the average workday is full of missed meetings, emails, project deadlines and to-do items, and it’s hard to get ahead when you’re still falling behind.

Fortunately, for every roadblock in your way, there’s a solution to get you back on track for a collaborative, productive day at work. Today’s advanced business technology helps keep you on track while leaving you enough time for creative side projects to bump you ahead of the pack.

Check out PGi’s latest infographic, “The Daily Grind: How Technology Empowers Productivity,” to see what’s in the way of your productivity and how to overcome those obstacles with technology:

Technology has grown leaps and bounds over the last 10 years. It’s all a matter of exploring the options and choosing the best productivity tools for your workflow, like:

  • The iMeet® Agenday smart calendar to organize and join meetings from anywhere.
  • Central Desktop‘s project management and team collaboration platform.
  • Distraction-eliminating White Noise apps to boost focus.
  • Data visualization tool Tableau Software to tackle analytics and Big Data.
  • iMeet by PGi for more effective collaboration and personal video communication.
  • The Wunderlist to-do list app to finally complete your task list.

Modern knowledge workers are operating under increasingly demanding deadlines and tighter budgets to drive business results, but productivity killers keep you from reaching your goals. These pro tips and tech hacks will help you collaborate more effectively across the organization to achieve better results and accelerate business growth.

Learn how to get the most out of your technology tools from PGi’s on-demand productivity webinar. Accomplish more with tips from Voxa CEO Johnson Cook, PGi Innovation Lab Creative Director Therese Mushock and Central Desktop General Manager Isaac Garcia.

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