Integration of iMeet and Central Desktop Bridges Collaboration Gaps

As the world’s leader in pure-play collaboration and services, we’re always looking for ways to bridge gaps and create seamless, frictionless communication and collaboration opportunities for our customers. Today’s workers need access to a wide variety of collaboration options, from real-time meetings to asynchronous team workspaces and everything in between.

That’s why we’re excited to announce our latest collaboration integration. Building on our acquisition of Central Desktop last year, we’re proud to announce that iMeet® now integrates directly into the Central Desktop platform, empowering users to seamlessly transition from project-based collaboration to real-time group meetings.

PGi’s acquisition of Central Desktop represents an important strategic shift for PGi, and it’s a recognition that the nature of work–and the nature of collaboration–is constantly evolving as technology and workstyles change. As PGi CEO Boland Jones put it:

The very nature of collaboration is changing. It’s been changing for the entire 20-plus years I’ve been in this industry, but at no other time has the change been as rapid or dramatic. Collaboration software and technology are evolving at a fevered pace and, combined with increasingly flexible and progressive workstyles, represent a titanic shift in the way work gets done.

Central Desktop team workspace and project collaboration users can seamlessly transition from asynchronous collaboration into real-time meetings online or on the phone:

  1. Meet now: Hover over a user’s profile and click “Meet now.” The workspace member receives a notification inviting them to join your iMeet online meeting or conference call.
  2. Schedule meetings: In Central Desktop calendars, you can now schedule real-time audio and web meetings. Participants will be asked to join iMeet at the time of the event.
  3. On-the-fly team collaboration: Simply click “Create” and “Meet now,” and team members can easily join your real-time virtual meeting. No downloads required.

Visit to learn more about the Central Desktop platform, including the new iMeet integration.



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