Valentine's Day Post Roundup

Prep for Valentine’s Day with PGi’s “Love” Round-Up

There are a lot of things we love here at the Future of Biz Collab. Collaboration. Meetings. Super nerdy watchfaces. The list goes on!

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, let’s take a look back on how we’ve spread the love:

Do your customers love your company?

Last summer, PGi’s Kevin Lyons explored the many ways modern companies can court their customers. The customer experience plays a vital role in how any organization is perceived, and with technology becoming the primary touch-point for customers to interact with brands, the CIO is beginning to own the “love:”

Who is responsible for ensuring your customers are happy every time they reach out? Communications, Sales, Marketing, the CEO? Although they all play a role, the individual with the greatest impact on customer experience is the CIO. Even though the CIO may never actually have direct contact with a customer, it’s the CIO’s responsibility to deploy and maintain technologies that allow uninterrupted channels of communication with customers and prospects.

Read the full post here.

Remote teams need love too.

In November, Sean O’Brien, who often manages a remote team (or manages a team while remote himself), shared ways to nurture a culture of gratitude among geographically disparate team members. Making your team feel appreciated is one of the keys to maintaining morale, and the challenges facing remote teams are unique:

How do you make people feel appreciated when you rarely see them face to face? It’s one thing to give an employee a knowing smile or sincere, heartfelt thank you in person when they’ve done a good job. But how do you bridge the remote work gap and provide those same vital moments virtually?

Read the full post here.

Show these apps some love.

One of our most popular infographics, “Love is in the Cloud” details a number of must-have apps for a successful tech-savvy Valentine’s Day. Need a lift to the restaurant, a virtual romantic rendezvous or (we hope not) an escape route from a bad date? The infographic has you covered!

View the infographic here.

PGi Guy + Meetings = A Match Made in Heaven

Finally, our unofficial mascot PGi Guy has an unabashed, endless love for meetings. Seriously. The guy can’t get enough of them.

Don’t believe me?


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