Raising the Bar on CIO Leadership

Raising the Bar on CIO Leadership With Frost & Sullivan

How will emerging technology trends impact future CIO leadership and the way we work? PGi recaps the biggest trends and lessons from Frost & Sullivan’s annual event for IT executives.

Top Tweets From CoNEXTions 2015

Last week, PGi attended the 3rd Annual ConNEXTions 2015: A Frost & Sullivan Executive MindXchange in San Francisco. IT executives shared a wealth of information, insight and inspiration among peers.

Here are some of our favorite tweets from the event:

  • Chad Sheridan ‏@cfshooOn being a CIO visionary “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.” – Mark Baker #FrostNEXT
  • Jonathan McKnight ‏@jrmcknightProjects for IT should not be seen as IT projects, but as business projects. -Nabil Fares #FrostNEXT
  • Jonathan Feldman ‏@_jfeldmanCIOs must be chief inspirational officers, to inspire the organization to do more, says @terry_bradwell at #frostnext

Technology Trends Shaping CIO Leadership

Experts at ConNEXTions reiterated the importance of balance and holistic approaches to the host of new business trends and technologies the digital CIO will take on, including:

  • Cloud deployment, security and convergence with big data.
  • BYOX and shadow IT.
  • The workplace of the future.
  • Mobile (and social) enterprise.

Quickly evolving technology trends like these seem to require sweeping transformations to existing technological infrastructures, but recipients of Frost & Sullivan’s CIO Impact Awards prove that one of the smartest ways to leverage them is to build on existing technologies.

For example, the winner of CIO Innovator of the Year Award for Large Enterprises — Joseph Schuldhaus of Triple Five Group of Companies — didn’t dream up an entirely new way for customers to shop in stores but instead incorporated social and mobile technologies to improve the age-old mall directory kiosk.

CIO Innovation Starts at the Conference Call

Likewise, one of the most strategic and innovative moves enterprise IT teams can make in the office is improving basic collaboration tools like audio conferencing. As a lighthearted kickoff to the event, Frost & Sullivan showed Tripp and Tyler’s popular video, A Conference Call in Real Life.

Amid disruptive technology trends and forward-thinking discussions, this jovial video served as a reminder that investing in the workplace of the future can be as simple as revisiting the way employees work now and using advancements already available to improve that user experience. Before you initiate massive cloud migrations or create new processes for office drones, assess whether your current collaboration providers really deliver on innovation and productivity.

At PGi, we pride ourselves on eliminating common issues like these for a better user experience. Call 866-755-4878 today to learn more about PGi’s conferencing solutions, and save yourself from “A Conference Call Without PGi.”

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