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Unlock the Teamwork Dream in Your Organization

Collaboration is everything to modern businesses, and one of the most important areas where collaboration shines is creating and connecting teams. Fostering effective teamwork is one of the keys to productivity and business success, but changing workstyles, evolving technologies and an increasing number of remote and flexible workers have created a dramatic shift in teamwork dynamics.

Are you equipped to create your team and lead it into the future of business collaboration?

The pursuit of the teamwork dream inspired our latest eBook: “Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: A Three-Step System for Building a Culture of Teamwork in Any Organization.” The foundation of this process lies in a famous quote from American industrialist Henry Ford:

In this free eBook, we lay out the three-steps any organization or business leader should know for creating, filling and nurturing teams, whether in-person or virtual, based on our favorite Henry Ford quote above:

  1. Coming Together: Identify your needs, structure your team and its goals and, most importantly, fill it with the right people.
  2. Keeping Together: The work doesn’t stop once the team is assembled. Learn how to continually evaluate your team’s unique personality and leverage it to its fullest within your company.
  3. Working Together: Collaborating effectively—through the positive and the negative—will truly bring the dream of your productive team to life.

Whether you’re planning on starting a team, are trying to strengthen an existing one or want to learn how to better function as part of one, don’t miss out on the invaluable insights in our latest eBook.

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Sean O’Brien is PGi’s Chief Administrative Officer. He oversees the company’s Legal, HR and Program Management organizations and manages Corporate Development, M&A and Acquisition Integration. In addition, Mr. O’Brien leads Corporate Strategy, Executive Communications and Global Facilities Management.

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