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Turn DIY into ROI with Self-Service Webcasts

Webcasting and webinars have become critical tools for any organisation’s internal and external communications. From demand-gen webinars, internal town halls, conference broadcasts and more, the use cases for webcasting are wide-spread and represent significant opportunities particularly within the Marketing department.

While traditionally restrained by cost and complexity, today’s webcasts have become truly do-it-yourself, offering self-service solutions that can accelerate your marketing lead generation efforts and offer greater prospect outreach. By wringing more value out of existing video infrastructure, increasing the number of web events your organization can host and providing constant, numbers-driven proof along the way, you can add another valuable tool to your promotional mix and ROI reporting.

Leveraging Existing Investments

Many organisations, enterprises in particular, have invested significant capex in building out their video infrastructure. Large-scale video rooms and the associated hardware, software and encoders driving  them represent thousands or in some cases millions of dollars of investment, and yet they have begun to fall out of fashion in light of simpler, more intuitive web conferencing experiences that can be held from any web browser or mobile device. If your company or department is only leveraging these technologies once or twice a year, you’re leaving quite a bit of opportunity on the table and lowering the value of your existing investments.

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That’s why cloud-based self-service webcasting is such an attractive proposition from an ROI standpoint because it can turn those rooms into full-blown web events studios. Whether you’re hosting a demand-gen webinar, an internal town hall or a large customer event, your existing video rooms, VCUs or even simply webcams can all be used to add video to your presentation. This is the definition of killing two birds with one stone: adding video is a must for webcasts for engagement and you can extend the value of your existing video investments. It also gives you the flexibility and freedom to create “studios” in whatever environment you like.

Having More Events – With Less

On the subject of bang for buck, many enterprises shy away from webcasting because they fear it’s too difficult or that they won’t use it enough to warrant the additional expense. Yet, webinars remain one of the most popular tools for driving brand engagement and awareness and generating leads. So the question really becomes would you host more virtual events if they were simpler to manage?

DIY webcasting solves this problem; with intuitive setup and customisation all handled through a web browser, any marketing professional or communications specialist can instantly become a webcast expert. This allows you to host more frequent web events without having to rely on expensive event managers or producers. And, best of all, all of your webinars live on with automatically generated on-demand replays, further extending the value in engaging and nurturing your prospects through the buying process.

Prove the Value with Analytics

Finally, measuring ROI comes down to exactly that: measurement. Without metrics to back up your marketing initiatives, you have no way of quantifying the value and impact of your campaigns on the business.

Extending their DIY nature even further, self-service webcasts provide robust analytics and reporting tools so that you’re never in the dark about the performance of your webinars—all accessible through a web browser. Through this platform you can now curate and analyse all of your own metrics directly from the tool itself, without having to bother with additional expensive or complex analytics tools.

By monitoring the performance of your web events through key metrics like RSVPs, attendance rates, participation and conversions, you can constantly adjust and hone your strategies to ensure you’re getting the results you want.

These features are just the tip of the iceberg of the value self-service webcasting can provide to your enterprise. While you’ll always have the option to use a full-blown hosted web event, self-service truly turns DIY into ROI for any organization.

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