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Quiz: Does Your Virtual Team Show You Love?

If your virtual team had a collective pulse, would it be a strong gallop or a weak thud? Healthy working relationships matter just as much, if not more, for remote workers to efficiently reach group goals.

However, these teams face a slew of communication barriers, from missing body language cues to unstructured project management. These obstacles make collaboration difficult, let alone relationship building.

This Valentine’s Day, step back to evaluate your team relationships and discover new ways that you can all show each other more love. Take this quick quiz to assess the health of your working relationships with your virtual team:

1. How well do you know your virtual teammates on a personal level?

A. I know a lot about my team. They never ask a lot about me, though.

B. I couldn’t tell you what color their hair is.

C. We really only discuss work over email and chat.


2. How much do you trust your virtual teammates?

A. I don’t trust that they’re sharing credit with me to our team leader.

B. I wouldn’t say I trust them. I hardly know them.

C. It’s hard to tell if they’re being sincere or honest since I can’t see them.


3. How well do you resolve conflicts with your virtual team?

A. I hardly get any feedback from my team, let alone have conflicts.

B. I have more conflicts with my cat than my teammates.

C. We go back and forth over long, passive-aggressive email threads.


Mostly A’s: Get More R-E-S-P-E-C-T

If you answered mostly A’s, you could use more appreciation from your teammates. Build a culture of gratitude among your team by being the first to say thanks.

Make it a regular Friday task to write a thank you letter or tweet a quick thank you quote. Pitch a mini team awards meeting to your supervisor where everyone comes up with their own team superlatives, or get everyone to write each other a love letter of gratitude this Valentine’s Day.

Mostly B’s: Create Moments to Spark Connections

If you answered mostly B’s, you need to connect more with your virtual team. No worker should feel like they’re on an island, even if they’re working from home.

If you’re feeling isolated or have a lack of rapport with your team, work on those relationships with virtual team building. Valentine’s Day is a fun opportunity to organize a home office decoration contest and show it off with Facebook photos or over video conferencing.

Mostly C’s: Try New Ways to Communicate

If you answered mostly C’s, try a new solution for better team rapport and communication. Though email and chat have their place and convenience, they make it difficult to build relationships without being able to see or hear the other person.

Spice up your teamwork and try something new together. Demo a new team collaboration tool like video conferencing so you can really connect, not just converse, or try out team workspaces where you can jointly brainstorm and transparently manage projects together.

Introduce your virtual team to new tools like iMeet® and Central Desktop. PGi’s portfolio of collaboration solutions will help your team leverage cumulative strengths and show the love from miles apart.

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