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Watch the Webinar: Essential Productivity Tools for 2015

Last week, experts from Voxa, Central Desktop and PGi revealed their best tips for productivity at work in the webinar, “New Year, New You. Essential Productivity Tools for 2015.”

“If you’re looking for a productivity improvement, I would suggest maybe we start looking at one of the first places we spend most of our time,” Voxa’s CEO Johnson Cook said.

Three of the most time-consuming parts of your workday are most likely emails, projects and meetings. In fact, you’ve cultivated habits around these activities and deeply embedded them into the way you work, but some of those habits could be slowing you down.

The solution: question everything. Do you really need to save all those emails? Is email the best tool for collaborating on team projects? Is there an easier way to sync all your calendars?

The whole point of technology is to speed up these processes so you can do more and get there faster, but if you don’t use the tools available, you’re taking on more work than you should. Here’s a recap of PGi’s webinar on how to use technology to automate your workday.

Filter Email Noise

About 90 percent of what goes into your inbox doesn’t need a reply, according to Cook, which means what you’re really allocating time for is filtering through the noise. So how do you spend time where it matters most?

To start, don’t manually follow up with contacts or enter data from customer emails. Tools like Voxa send you automated alerts when you don’t receive or send replies in a timely manner and log customer data directly into Salesforce.

Skeptical of letting automation handle your important emails? Voxa’s messaging intelligence is so smart it detects questions and rates the relevance and strength of your email relationships.

Automate Team Projects

Where’s that email? Did you update this? When can I get this approved? When everyone does their part, teamwork can be a beautiful symphony, but when files and emails are scattered, aggressive deadlines cause backup and you’re stalking people for approvals, teamwork can be a giant disaster.

However, technology is out there that gets teams of all sizes “working together in ways they never thought possible,” Central Desktop’s General Manager Isaac Garcia said.

Project management and team workspace solutions automate projects and create repeatable workflows so everyone — colleagues, supervisors, clients, agencies — are in the loop. A central location for collaboration saves you time searching, and online project forms track and route tasks to the next hoop of approvals, simplifying complex business processes.

Outsource Meeting Details

Still using the preloaded calendar on your phone? Upgrade to a more robust, business-oriented, intelligent calendar app that lets you outsource the details of your meetings.

Free apps like Agenday sync contacts and actionable items from all other calendars on your phone and remember your passcodes when you dial into conference calls. All you have to do is tap a button to join the meeting.

On your way to the meeting, Agenday picks up the location and offers turn-by-turn directions, and if you’re running late, all you have to do to email the group is tap on a name(s). And with another tap, tap, tap, you’ll log meetings and call activity into Salesforce.

So what is the best way to measure the productivity of all this new technology? Watch the entire webinar on demand now to get the answer to this and other viewer questions during the Q&A, like how to choose productivity tools on a budget.

Plus, check out PGi’s infographic for more tips to leverage technology for better productivity at work.

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