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Webinar: Using Web Events to Increase Pipeline Velocity

When it comes to lead generation, webinar marketing excels at connecting new prospects to your brand in a cost-efficient way. Although if you’re only using webinars to drive new leads, you’re not unlocking the full value of web events.

Driving top-of-funnel leads is only the beginning. You can also use webinars to nurture and engage those prospects through the entire sales cycle.

Right behind white papers and case studies, buyers value webinars for product research, according to a 2014 B2B Content Preferences Survey sponsored by Content4Demand. In fact:

However, unlike top-of-funnel web events, these types of webinars must be strategically tailored to not only your target audience but also their specific stage in the buying cycle. To get your leads to closing, and get them there faster, you need to capture their attention with fresh strategies.

To leverage webinars to complete your buyer’s journey, you must:

  • Align your web events to the stages of the buying cycle.
  • Improve your webinar promotion techniques.
  • Increase engagement during webinars.
  • Incorporate webinars with your other marketing campaigns and content.

PGi and SiriusDecisions will reveal best practices for achieving each of these goals in this upcoming webinar for both marketers and sales professionals.

PGi’s Director of Demand Generation, Cheryl Hanley, will be presenting along with Terry Flaherty, Research Director in the Demand Creation Strategies Service at SiriusDecisions. Combined, they offer over 30 years of marketing experience to this event, as well as a passion for driving revenue with innovative demand generation strategies.

Ready to hand over more qualified leads to sales and accelerate them through the pipeline?

Don’t miss this essential webinar for modern marketers and sales professionals on Thursday, Feb. 26, at 2 p.m. (EST). Register now: Best Practices for Using Web Events to Increase Pipeline Velocity.

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